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Cowans and Neighbors 1911 Puslinch, Wellington Co. Ontario, Canada

Page 7 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 27
Scott, Arch
Scott, Mary
Scott, Robert?
Scott, James
Scott, Lisabeth/Elizabeth
Scott, Walter
Scott, Andrew
Scott, Margaret
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Catherine
McDonald, Edith
McDonald, Francis
McDonald, Anna?
[unreadable], Mary
McPherson, Alex.
McPherson, [unreadable],
McPherson, Robert J.
McPherson, James
McPherson, Catherine
McPherson, Jane
Bowman?, Wellington
Cowan, Walter
Cowan, Annie
Cowan, James
Cowan, Walter

Interesting that they are next-door neighbors to the McPhersons; Annie was a McPherson. Also notice the Scott family further up the page. Walter's grandmother was a Scott. Wouldn't it be interesting if they were all relatives?

The index is found on the Wellington County site:

This section was transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe -- thanks, Susanne!

By the way, 1901 is also indexed, but I don't see our Cowans. Did I miss something? See for yourself:

Cowan Marriage Bonds in Upper and Lower Canada:

Ontario COWANs, 1871 Census:

Dad's WWII Enlistment File:

Thomas Cowan WWI Attestation:
(scroll down; not ours -- isn't Grandpa's brother in there somewhere?)

James Cowan & family, Wellington County 1901 Census, Guelph:


Cowans in the Wellington County Historical Atlas:

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At 8:05 PM, Blogger CLLeblanc said...

Hi Valorie,

I am the grandaughter of Nealson McAninch who is mentioned in a census at age 1, son of Hugh McAninch. Iwould be happy to supply you with any info, pics etc since I live close to where the family originally settled.
Carolynn (McAninch) Leblanc

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Valorie Zimmerman said...

Hi Carolynn, we are cousins by marriage, then. Your grandfather's brother Hugh married my great-aunt Grett (Margaret) Cowan. When they moved out here to the west, they came by car, and camped along the way. We had the old tent that they used for many years. I think, being cotton canvas, that it finally fell apart. I slept in that tent so many summer nights! I hope you have seen my post on the McAninch connection with us. I loved Aunt Grett and Uncle Hugh so much!


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