Sunday, November 16, 2014

23 and me, and new cousins!

Last Christmas I got a 23andMe kit, and sent in my spit. Now it is finally paying off in matches.

I spent part of last night writing to my newly-found genetic cousins, and hope to do more of that. It would be good to get a GEDCOM online again too, so we can more easily compare lineages. One weakness I found is that all the hours I put in after I sent off the kit, putting in information on the website, seems to be totally absent.

Oh well, I sent this to some of my cousins:

Hello, I see that we may be related, according to 23 and me. I've been doing genealogy research for quite awhile, but my chart isn't online right now. However, some of my main surnames are Baysinger, Booth, Cowan, Disney, Goosic, McBee, McPhail, McPherson, McQueen, Walters. I have a genealogy blog:

My email is, and I'm on G+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

All the best,


I hope to improve that as I gather my thoughts. Exciting to dip my toe into genealogy again!

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