Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rootsweb, and how to Use it

How to search the mailing list archives:

List Archives: start at to browse, or click the Search link to search one or all of the Rootsweb lists. if you don't know what list you want.

Formulaically - Archiver (browse):

One wonderful tool Rootsweb has, that many people fail to use, is the Post-Em. You can place Post-Ems on individual records found in WorldConnect, the Social Security Death Index, User-Contributed Databases, and some of the other available vital records databases.

Don't forget to register your research interests in the Rootsweb Surname List. If you have a website, add a link to the RootsWeb Resource Pages. If you don't have a website yet, get one! Once you have created it, register it.

Search all of Rootsweb with Google, by clicking Advanced Search, filling in your search terms, and then putting into the line 'Domain: ONLY return results from the site or domain.' Shortcut - put your search term(s) then, like this: searchterm . If you wanted to search all of freepages, you could use: searchterm .

Joan Young recently published an article in Rootsweb Review which highlighted a number of oft-forgetten little useful tools at Rootsweb. Read the article for more detail, but here are links to some of them:Hint for those using Outlook Express to read Rootsweb list digests: To read inline, instead of displayed as separate attachments, highlight the first Digest item which is called ATT, then hold down the control key and click on the F3 key while still holding down the control key to open the message source. Maximize it, and you will then be able to read the entire Digest as a continuous document.

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