Thursday, March 29, 2007

French Digitized Records & Online Databases

Les Archives des Alpes-Maritimes (includes the city of Nice) - copies of the actes d'etat civil & ditized copies of old newspapers (la presse ancienne):

Cannes Archives Municipales - birth, marriage and death for over 100 years (etat civil):

Côtes d'Armor Archives Departementales - registres paroissiaux (parish registers) of Côtes d'Armor plus The Cadastre Ancien (land register):

Geneactes some civil records, mostly from 1700s & early 1800s:; in English:

Sarthe Archives Departementales - Parish & civil registers, and Le Cadastre index (land records):

Yvelines Archives Departementales - Actes etat civil (birth, marriage and death), recensements de population (census records) and parish registers (registres paroissiaux) for Yvelines and the ancient departement of Seine et Oise:

Nice guide to French Genealogy & Family History:

France GenWeb:

Academic French Studies links:

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