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Vital Records

England & Wales
FreeBMD - Civil Registration index of Births, Marriages, Deaths (England & Wales) - images now available!:


Queensland, Australia: Birth, Marriage, and Death Records 1829-1914:

United States

InfoAviator is a way to access free online public records, from the Federal to local level. Search by locality, not surname.

US Social Security Death Index:
    Ancestry's SSDI:
Family Tree Magazine says: "Pearl Street Software, the makers of Family Tree Legends, launched a new free Social Security Death Index (SSDI) search engine at The SSDI, generated by the US Social Security Administration (SSA), holds valuable genealogical information—including name, birth and death dates, Social Security number and last-known residence—for all Americans who possessed Social Security numbers and whose deaths were reported to the SSA after 1936. Like other online SSDI search engines, Family Tree Legends' version lets you look for relatives by name and social security number and last residence. It also boasts two unique—and especially useful—features: an age-at-death search and a year-range search, which means you don't have to know the exact year someone died." (

New England Ancestors is now keeping a FREE up-to-date SSDI available:

Steve Morse makes it possible to search 5 different versions of the SSDI here:

Rootsweb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees -- Using the SSDI:

Public Records Online Directory is a Portal to official state web sites, and those Tax Assessors' and Recorders' offices that have developed web sites for the retrieval of available public records over the internet. For example, some Recorders' offices have marriage and birth records available online. Although not every county and parish has data online, many have home pages, and where neither is available a phone number has been provided:

Early Birth Records (197225 births):

Arizona births 1887-1928, deaths 1878-1953, certificates as PDF files:

California Births 1905-1995, 24 million records:
   (Username vitalguest, password enjoy, or use:
San Francisco, California Genealogy:
Nice gateway to Northern CA research:
Early California Population Project (ECPP) - sacramental register index (baptismal, marriage, and death records) from California's 21 missions, 110,000 Californians between 1769 -1850:

Colorado State Archives: Online Indexes - unique items, such as voter registrations, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Enrollment Index, inheritance tax, and old-age pensions. Indexes and search:

Indiana Marriages through 1850 (and much, much more):

Western States Historical Marriage Record Index:

Early Utah Marriages (1851-1884):§ionid=9&id=56&Itemid=82

Death Records Search:

Arizona Deaths 1878-1953:

California Deaths, 1940-1997:
   Los Angeles County Burial Permits 1870-1892:

Illinois Death Certificates, 1916-1950:
  Genealogy in the Illinois State Archives:

Kentucky Deaths, 1911-2000 (2,921,383 records) :
Kentucky Vital Records Project (79,869 death records; actual D.C.s online):
Also see Kentucky Vital Records Index which also has divorces:

Maine Deaths, 1960-1997:

Maryland Deaths 1898-1944:

Massachusetts Death Index 1841-1910:

Michigan Genealogical Death Indexing System, 1867-1897:

Michigan Marriages (Dibean Michigan Marriage Index):

Minnesota Birth Certificate Index 1900-1907:
Minnesota Death Certificates, 1907-1996:

Missouri Birth & Death Records Database:

Montana Deaths:

New Mexico Death Index 1899-1940:

New York City Death Records Search 1891-1911:
New York State Vital Records:

Ohio Death Certificates, 1913-1937:

Oregon Historical Records Index:

South Dakota Birth Records:

Tennessee Vital Records:

Texas Deaths 1964-1998:
  Texas Vital Records FAQ:

Utah Death Certificates 1905-1954 (250,000+ records):

West Virginia Vital Records:
   Registration is required, but free; actual records can be examined

Wisconsin Vital Records before 1907:

US Vital Records Information:

Public Record Locator:

It's always worth checking with your county or state of interest in USGenWeb, Often volunteers have births, deaths, marriages, cemetery, divorce, and other records.

Evidence and Sources--And How They Differ:

Vital Records in the United States:

Beware of Secondary Sources!:

Tombstones are Secondary Sources:

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