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The Rheinland-Pfalz:

Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate) Genealogy Links:

Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany WorldGenWeb Project:

Hessen GenWeb:

Cemeteries of Rheinland Pfalz, Germany:

Pfäzisch-Rheinische Familienkunde:

Electorate Prince-archbishopric of Trier:

Trier Familienbücher index:
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Westdeutsche Gesellschaft für Familienkunde:

Institut fuer pfaelzische Geschichte und Volkskunde: A museum of Palatine history and culture including emigration; has a card file with about 300,000 emigrants. You can email to find out if your emigrant is there (Thanks to David Velten for this information). From Mary Ellen Wilmoth - The Institut für pfälzische Geschichte und Volkskunde (formerly known as Heimatstelle Pfalz), 67653 Kaiserslautern, GERMANY. Phone: 0631-3647-303. email: Hours: Mon-Thurs. 9-12 and 2-4; Fri 9-12. Pre-registration recommended. Huge index of emigrants from and immigrants to the Palatinate (about 750,000 names) and large library with genealogical and local history holdings.

State, municipal and church archives at Speyer, including central archives of the Evangelical and Catholic churches of the Palatinate:

An 1852 emigration scheme of Otterstadt (near Speyer) to send their 30 poorest families to Quebec:
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Protestant Archives in Pfalz (Evangelischen Kirche der Pfalz): Email:

Archive in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Rheinland-Pfalz:

Trier-Roots Mail list:

Trier Tourism:

List of Rhineland (Rheinland) and Saarland Auswanderer (emigrants):
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Joe Miller's Westphalia Genealogy Website (English & German):

Thomas A. Pick's Eifel Germany Birth and Marriage Data:

Pirmasens Genealogical Study Group:
  Which towns and villages belonged to which parishes?


The history of Saarland:

Veröffentlichungen des Heimatkundlichen Vereins Warndt:


Merzig-Wadern area - Vereinigung für die Heimatkunde im Landkreis Saarlouis e.V.:

From Etienne - Hefersweiler (zipcode 67753) is in the region called Palatinate (Pfalz), not far from the town Kaiserslautern. This region belongs to Germany, but was part of the French "Departement du Mont-Tonnerre" from 1801 to 1816.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Pfalz:

What is a Palatine?:

Official sites of the Cities & Towns of the Rheinland-Pfalz:

German Mail Lists:

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pfalzisch-Rheinische Familienkunde (genealogical society of the Palatinate), Rotstr. 17 (Stadtarchiv), Ludwigshafen: Hours: Thu 2-6 or upon appt. (call 0621-523857). Membership includes quarterly, and 20% off society publications. Comprehensive collection of genealogies, family books (Ortssippenbucher), and local histories.

Landesarchiv Speyer, Otto-Mayer-Str. 9, Speyer. Pre-registration recommended. The central library of the Palatinate (Pfalzische Landesbibliothek) is housed in the same building; catalog: Useful local history bibliographies for towns and villages in Rheinland-Pfalz:

Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz:

Village Life in Kreis Saarburg, Germany:

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