Tuesday, April 11, 2006

World Telephone Listings

World Telephone Directory: http://www.infobel.com/teldir/

International Calling Codes: http://www.the-acr.com/codes/cntrycd.htm

Wanadoo: http://www.wanadoo.fr/bin/frame2.cgi?u=http%3A//annuaires.wanadoo.fr/

Lycos.fr: http://www.services.lycos.fr/annuaire/

Yahoo: http://fr.pj.yahoo.com/pb/
German Telephone database: http://www.teleauskunft.de/

Online Phonebook: http://www.telefonbuch.de/. In English: http://www.dastelefonbuch.de/english.html?la=en&&sp=0&aktion=11

Using the Telephone in German: http://german.about.com/library/bltelvoc.htm
Canada: http://www.canada411.ca/

Irish Phone Books Online: http://www.goldenpages.ie/extra/phonebook.html, http://www.11850.ie

BT Directory Inquiries Online: http://www.bt.com/index.jsp
   Scroll to the bottom, choose Find a Person, or Find a Business

Swedish White Pages: http://www.eniro.se/

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