Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Keep in touch when you change your email address

When you change your email address, register at one or all of these services:

FreshAddress.com: http://www.freshaddress.com

99.am: http://www.99.am/

Email Change.com: http://www.emailchange.com/

Find mE-Mail: http://www.findmemail.com/

ReturnPath: http://www.returnpath.net/

$$$ SwitchEmail.com: http://www.switchemail.com/index.asp

I have registered with them all, and so far, no spam because of it. No old buddies have gotten in touch with me either......::sigh::

If you are trying to contact someone with an expired address, it is worthwhile to search for them at each of these places, plus the common "search for email" sites, such as My Email Address Is, MSN, Addresses.com. Don't forget the new Rootsweb search engine, to search all Rootsweb list archives at one go: http://archiver.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/search. And of course, google for the old email address and name, too!

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