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Cowans and Neighbors 1911 Puslinch, Wellington Co. Ontario, Canada

Page 7 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 27
Scott, Arch
Scott, Mary
Scott, Robert?
Scott, James
Scott, Lisabeth/Elizabeth
Scott, Walter
Scott, Andrew
Scott, Margaret
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Catherine
McDonald, Edith
McDonald, Francis
McDonald, Anna?
[unreadable], Mary
McPherson, Alex.
McPherson, [unreadable],
McPherson, Robert J.
McPherson, James
McPherson, Catherine
McPherson, Jane
Bowman?, Wellington
Cowan, Walter
Cowan, Annie
Cowan, James
Cowan, Walter

Interesting that they are next-door neighbors to the McPhersons; Annie was a McPherson. Also notice the Scott family further up the page. Walter's grandmother was a Scott. Wouldn't it be interesting if they were all relatives?

The index is found on the Wellington County site:

This section was transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe -- thanks, Susanne!

By the way, 1901 is also indexed, but I don't see our Cowans. Did I miss something? See for yourself:

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