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Proving the Baysingers in the Alsace

So far, we're short of proof of the Baysinger/Basinger/Bissinger/Besingers in the Alsace, at least for the Jacob line. Why I'm working on this now -- Bas Rhin Parish Records are now online. See for more information.

What I know: Johann Peter BOSINGER/Boesinger b. 1750, son of Jacob Baysinger and Margaret Laemmer. Where? I've read most of the Oberbetschdorf B 1736-1756 book, looking for him. He is not there born in 1750.

We started in Betschdorf, because Susanna BOESINGER (1744-1829, d/o Jacob of Hermersweiler and Margaret LAEMMER) married Phillip Henry MARZOLF (weaver, s/o Johan Philip MARZOLF and Maria Catherina HOLTZMANN) there in 1777.

So it would be good to find that marriage record!

However, The Communities of Alsace A-Z tells me that Betschdorf only came to be named that in the early 1970s. Before, there were the villages of Niederbetschdorf (variant: Niderbetzdorff) and Oberbetschdorf (variant: Oberbetzdorff), Kuhlendorf (German: Kühlendorf; variant: Külendorff), Reimerswiller (German: Reimersweiler) and Schwabwiller (Latin: Suabwilare; German: Schwabweiler; variants: Schwobweiller, Schwoweiler). So all these places need to be searched, as well as Hermersweiler, Kutzenhausen, and Prueschdorf, which have all been mentioned various places.

I would like to get these references pinned down to documentation, and hope to begin that here and on the Baysinger list and boards.

LDS has:

Kirchenbuch, 1665-1792 Evangelische Kirche Oberbetschdorf (Kr. Weißenburg)

Registres de l'état civil, 1793-1882 Oberbetschdorf (Bas-Rhin). Officier de l'état civil * too late to be useful for now

Registres paroissiaux, 1759-1817 Eglise catholique. Paroisse de Niederbetschdorf (Bas-Rhin) * too late to find J. Peter's birth

Registres de l'état civil, 1793-1922 Niederbetschdorf (Bas-Rhin). Officier de l'état civil * too late

Registres de l'état civil, 1793-1882 Kuhlendorf (Bas-Rhin). Officier de l'état civil * too late

Registres de l'état civil, 1793-1882 Reimerswiller (Bas-Rhin). Officier de l'état civil * too late

Les recensements de Schwabwiller : 1836-1841, 1846-1851, 1856, 1861, 1866 Meyer, Valérie * too late

Registres de l'état civil, 1793-1882 Hermerswiller (Bas-Rhin). Officier de l'état civil * too late

Index: Kutzenhausen : église Catholique étrangers à la paroisse cités entre 1713 et 1793 Jacques, Bernard

Kirchenbuch, 1714-1792 Evangelische Kirche Kutzenhausen (Kr. Weißenburg)

Kutzenhausen : église Catholique Jacques, Bernard

Kutzenhausen mariages Protestants Luthériens : 1714 - 1792 : Feldbach, Hoelschloch, Lobsann, Merkwiller, Niederkutzenhausen, Oberkutzenhausen Schneider, Anne Louise

Preuschdorf : mariages Protestants Luthériens 1660-1792 : Goersdorf, Kutzenhausen, Lampertschloch, Mitschdorf Schneider, Anne Louise

Registres paroissiaux, 1713-1797 Eglise catholique. Paroisse de Kutzenhausen (Bas-Rhin)

Civil records are also available for Kutzenhausen, but too late to be immediately useful.

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