Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maps of Scotland

Maps of the Counties of Scotland, 1580-1928: All their Maps of Scotland:

Gateway to Scotland, Geography Department, University of Edinburgh:

Not quite a map, although there is a clickable map, and not quite a gazeteer either. The Statistical Accounts of Scotland, 1791-1835 are searchable by placename for free: Ignore logging in and go to the bottom option, Browse Scanned Pages. If you want to use the clickable map, you will have to create an account (free) and login.

Britrail British Travel Shop, New York City, phone 1-800-677-8585

Your Maps Online:
   150 English maps (12 Scots) and etchings available for download; also maps scanned onto CDs for sale

Old Ordnance Survey Maps:

Old Maps - 19th century Ordnance Survey maps. Search by place name, address, coordinate, or use the gazetteer:

OS Landranger Series, 1.25 inch/ mile, (1:50,000) covers towns, villages, and some farms.

OS Pathfinder Series, 2.5 inch/ mile, (1:25,000) "covers less area, so you must be reasonably sure of where the farm is located. It will show you details down to the fences and includes place names. If the farm has become derelict over the years, it may not show up on either of these, because the maps are current. If you are looking for a farm that was active in say the early 1800's, you may want to consider older/Victorian maps." Susan, in a post to 15 Jan 1999.

Ordnance Survey Street Atlases - scale is 3.5 inches to the mile, cheap (£10 or $17 in paperback)
Two for Scotland: Glasgow and West Central Scotland, Edinburgh and East Central Scotland. "But they cover a wide area, with rural as well as urban detail.... Edinburgh ... includes southern Fife (including Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy); most of Clackmannanshire; most of Stirlingshire; West Lothian; Midlothian; East Lothian; and, of course, Edinburgh.
ISBN for the Edinburgh atlas is 0-540-06181-6." Iain Sommerville, in a post to 16 Sep 1998.

Ordnance Survey products:

David Rumsey Map Collection:

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