Thursday, March 29, 2007

French Digitized Records & Online Databases

Les Archives des Alpes-Maritimes (includes the city of Nice) - copies of the actes d'etat civil & ditized copies of old newspapers (la presse ancienne):

Cannes Archives Municipales - birth, marriage and death for over 100 years (etat civil):

Côtes d'Armor Archives Departementales - registres paroissiaux (parish registers) of Côtes d'Armor plus The Cadastre Ancien (land register):

Geneactes some civil records, mostly from 1700s & early 1800s:; in English:

Sarthe Archives Departementales - Parish & civil registers, and Le Cadastre index (land records):

Yvelines Archives Departementales - Actes etat civil (birth, marriage and death), recensements de population (census records) and parish registers (registres paroissiaux) for Yvelines and the ancient departement of Seine et Oise:

Nice guide to French Genealogy & Family History:

France GenWeb:

Academic French Studies links:

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Deep Web Search Engines

"Google has launched a new Google Scholar search service, providing the ability to search for scholarly literature located from across the web," according to Search Engine Watch. They say,
"The goal is to allow and enable users to search over scholarly content," said Anurag Acharya, a Google engineer leading the project. [Scholarly literature such as peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts, and technical reports.]

Much of this material has been added to Google over the past few months. However, the new service allows searchers to specifically search against just the academic material.... Google has worked with publishers to gain access to some material that wouldn't ordinarily be accessible to search spiders, because it is locked behind subscription barriers....

When spidering the content, Google has worked to understand who the authors of the papers are, as well as the formal titles of the papers and other documents that cite the material. These citations are a key part of the special ranking algorithm used by Google for Google Scholar.

Google says the citation extractions allows it to see the connections between papers even if these connections are not made through links. As a result, it can use citation analysis to try and put the best papers at the top of the results. Next to each paper listed is a "Cited by" link. Clicking on this link shows the citation analysis in action -- all the pages pointing at the original one listed, through textual citations, will be shown....

The same paper may be hosted in more than one place, of course. In these instances, Google picks what it believes is the best version and provides links to other versions after the paper's description. In some cases, the material is not actually online. Google may know about a paper only through references it has seen on other papers. In these cases, a Library Search [of WorldCat] and Web Search link will appear next to the paper or book's title.

You can reach Google Scholar here:

More about it, including FAQs:

Other "deep web" or "invisible web" search engines:
Google Adding Major Libraries to Database:

Google Advanced Search for Genealogy:

Google Toolbar as a Win PC Essential:

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sweden & Swedish Emigrants to the US

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Archives:
   Research in the archives, hire research, rent microfilm. 321 Bonnie Lane, Elk Grove Village, IL, just south of Oakton St. Bonnie Lane is about halfway between Arlington Heights Road and Busse Road (Rt 83). Open 8:30 to 5, Monday through Friday. Phone: 847-690-9410, FAX: 847-690-9502, email:

Swedish Research

Augustana College's Genealogy Research FAQs:

Smultron list archives:

Jerry's Scandinavian/USA Genealogy Links:


Genealogy in Sweden:

R&oubml;tter: (part in English)

The Swedish Emigrant Institute at Växjö (Svenska Emigrantinstitutet):

Gothenburg Regional Archives (Landsarkivet i Göteborg är din arkivmyndighet i Västra Götalands län):

Maps of Swedish Län (in Swedish):

Search Disbyt:

Swedish Surnames:,

Fritt tillgängliga kyrkoboksregister för släktforskning (Freely available parish files for genealogy research):

Demografisk Databas Södra Sverige (Demographic Database for Southern Sweden):

Danish Demographic Database, including Emigration Archives 1868-1908:

Arkion - 1900 Swedish census: (fee-based)

Selected counties and parishes of the 1890 are indexed at Rootsweb (4575640 records, 136222 distinct surnames):

Swedish Vital Statistics (BMD) for Lindesberg, Orebro, Sweden (57,151 records):

100 Years of Emigrant Ships from Norway:

Danish Emigration Archives passenger list:

Norwegian Digital Archives:

Find a Grave in Stockholm, Sweden, created by the Stockholm Cemeteries Administration. 525,000 burials in eleven cemeteries, with digital maps:

From Jerry Longstrom - Swedish phone book online:
  Sök=search | Exakt Staving=exact spelling | Hela Landet=entire land | Ange område=State area | Börjar med=begins with
Kvasir Telefonkatalog (Norwegian telephone directory): fornavn = Given name | etternavn = Family name

Finding Origins of Scandinavian who came to America before 1870:

Swenson Center:

Swedish Place Names (alpha):

Population Registration in Sweden (present day):

Online Dictionaries/Translation


Multilanguages dictionary:

Lexin Swedish-English dictionary:

Swedish-English dictionary:


Swedish Genealogical Word List:

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